Coronavirus (COVID19)

Coronavirus (COVID19): With current health concerns around the transmission of this virus we pass on information to members of the congregation. Please continue to wash your hands regularly with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds, especially if you come to church events by public transport. If you feel unwell you should stay at home and not attend church or church organisations. The Church of Scotland is advising appropriate precautions in a number of areas. Until the situation returns to normal, offering plates for your weekly offering will be placed at church doors as you enter and leave the sanctuary (to prevent hand contact on the offering bags as they are normally passed from person to person) If you help with any of the coffee rotas or prepare food on the church premises on Sundays or at any weekday events, please follow existing hygiene practices in relation to hand washing and in relation to all cups, saucers, milk jugs, plastic mugs and utensils being washed in the dishwasher. This should be normal practice but is particularly important at the moment. Advice notices are in the kitchen. Church staff will be ensuring that door handles, flushes and taps are cleaned regularly. The Minister and elders will still greet you warmly, but refrain from handshaking with members at the Church door. We are keeping a continuous eye on the advice being given, particularly in relation to meetings, coffee mornings and events in the Church and Halls and will respond appropriately if there are any changes.

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