Reading Luke in October

We’re going to try something new to Morningside Parish Church in October! There will be a four week reading group where the Gospel of Luke will be divided in to four parts and we will look at and reflect on each section across October. We’ll treat Luke’s Gospel like literature, so the event will be like a book club. There will be four reading events held in the morning and then repeated in the evening at the following times and dates:

10.30am -12noon (Cluny Hall) or 7.30pm – 9pm (St Andrew Room)

9th (Luke 1 – 6); 16th (Luke 7-12); 23rd (Luke 13-18); 30th (Luke 19-24)

We will provide refreshments at these events. The reading groups are open to members of the Church and non-members. You will be expected to have read the parts of Luke’s Gospel before the reading group meeting, and come armed with views, questions and ideas about what the gospel is trying to say to us. No biblical or theological knowledge is required – simply good, honest questions. You can read from any version of the Bible that you are comfortable with. To help you prepare:

  • Read the section through once, without a break.
  • Note down what you remember, and what you are not sure about after this first reading.
  • Read the section through a second time, noting down any further questions, ideas, images that come to mind.

This will be something new to many people, but please come along and give it a try.

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