Sunday Club

During the current Covid-19 restrictions the Sunday Club is meeting in the St Matthew Hall at 10.30am. Places have to be booked. Please contact the Church Office for Sunday Club places. 

At the 10.30 Sunday Service, we have a Sunday Club for children from 3/4 upwards, and a creche available for those under 3.  With our team of Sunday Club leaders,  we do activities connected with the readings for that Sunday, and often include a simple, fun, craft or a song. We use ROOTS. as our basic material. Everyone welcome! 
If you would like to know more about our work with children and young people, contact the Minister (0131 447 1617) or email 

‘Fruit of the vine’ – on 29 April, we made fruit pictures to illustrate the reading from John’s gospel (John 15: 1-8) about how Jesus is the true vine.  





Easter 2018, and Easter egg rolling in the gardens – Sunday Club and friends enjoyed the sunshine on 1 April as we tried (very hard) to crack open our decorated Easter eggs.  









Sunday 25th February: We were honoured and delighted to have a visit from Caroline Weir, Scottish international footballer.  Caroline took questions from our Sunday Club children, and joined us afterwards for a photo and chat.  





A synagogue made from Lego?  On 28th January, our reading was the story of Jesus in the synagogue (Mark 1: ).  The young people created 3 scenes from the story, using Creationary Lego – as below!

sc 28_1 lego model of temple scene

Temple lego models with their makers

All Age Nativity Service 2017: on 10th December, our children and young people presented ‘An Unexpected Christmas’, based on the book by Simone Graham. 


As God looks out over the earth, it’s evident that all is not well.  How can s/he help the people that sometimes feel so far away?  In conversation with the heavenly host of Smart Angels, Soldier Angels and Reading Angels, various plans are suggested, but what will God go for?   

Pictures of the cast and helpers below; click also on this link to see some of the cast rehearsing!  A multitude of angels in rehearsal





At our Remembrance Service on 12 November 2017, we were joined by Guides, Cubs, BBs and others in Sunday Club.  The older ones performed a drama on the theme of the reading (the wise and foolish virgins of Matthew 25), and all of us made poppy lanterns: to remind us of the candles lit to remember the dead, and the lamps in the story.  


Sunday 15 October: the 10.30 service included the annual enrolment for the Boys Brigade and Girls’ Association and we were delighted to welcome John Sharp, the National Director of the BB, and several younger members to Sunday Club.  

Rona McLaren with the cake celebrating 100 years since the founding of the BB Junior Section.




Fun in the Hermitage – another Scavenger Hunt in September!   We were lucky with the weather again, and got to know the Hermitage a bit better, with the older group doing a demanding quiz that took them all round the woods.  





Our reading on 27 August was from St Matthew’s Gospel and told the story of how Peter named Jesus as the Messiah, and was told, ‘You are Petros, the rock’.  We decorated stones (mostly from Musselburgh beach) to show something about ourselves (what we liked doing, what was important to us) and built a cairn with them.  





On 13 August, we ventured out for a Scavenger Hunt – sunny weather and great fun.  For photos, clink on the link.



Creating completely new birds from pipe-cleaners (after reading the Creation story in June).


Sunday 21 May (Easter 6): ‘No More Doors’.  In our focus reading this morning, Jesus told his disciples, ‘If you love me, keep my commandments’.   (Readings 21 May (Easter 6).  We began with one of the hymns chosen by the children, ‘Give me oil in my lamp’, and then in two teams, fetched and put together the letters for ‘God loves us’ and ‘Word of Life’ – the theme of the General Assembly on which our minister, Derek, would be preaching that morning in St Giles. Then we made ‘cascading hearts’, before going outside to take a photo with children and adults holding up the phrase, ‘WORD OF LIFE’ for the Church of Scotland’s Facebook page, and our website – see below!





Easter Sunday 2017: The pictures tell it all!  It was great to have so many children this morning.  We did a quiz to complete a ‘Jelly Beans Easter Prayer’, and then decorated hard-boiled eggs which we then rolled outside until only one was left unbroken.  The seagulls came along afterwards….










Baking for the All-Age Communion on 5 March 2017


Bakers of Morningside


Bread for the journey







December 2016:  the Sunday Club children presented Jeanette Winterson’s retelling of the Nativity story, The Lion, the Unicorn and Me, to the congregation.  Pictures of the talented cast below!                                                

Cast of The Lion, the Unicorn and Me
Cast with Sunday Club leaders