Music and Memories

A dementia friendly musical workshop for those living with dementia and their carers.

We usually run twice a month, once on a Friday afternoon 2-4pm and once on a Monday afternoon 2-4pm until July 2024 when we move to Mondays only (up to three times a month). You are welcome to attend any of these groups meeting in the Cluny Hall. Each group can offer 16 places.

We start each afternoon with an hour long music workshop led by the Forget Me Notes charity providing a chance to sing familiar and much loved songs, hopefully enhancing communication and offering opportunities to share memories. The teas and coffees will be on offer, a chance to relax and chat with others and in time, as the project develops, we hope to offer signposting to useful information and other services.

There is no charge for the group but donations are very welcome and help towards the group’s longer term sustainability.

If you are interested in attending please come along or for more information contact Jacqui Lindsay on the number or email below,

Tel: 07834 364 628


Dates for 2024

January:               Monday 8th         Friday 26th 

February:            Monday 5th          Friday 23rd 

March:                 Monday 4th         Friday 22nd 

April:                     Monday 8th          Friday 19th                 Monday 29th 

May:                      Monday 13th       Friday 31st

June:                     Monday 10th       Friday 28th  

July:                       Monday 8th         Monday 22nd 

August:                Monday 12th       Monday 26th

September:       Monday 2nd         Monday 16th            Monday 23rd             Monday 30th

October:              Monday 7th          Monday 14th ***       Monday 21st 

November:         Monday 4th         Monday 11th              Monday 25th 

December:          Monday 9th        Monday 16th (Christmas Party)

*** Visit from Nigel’s All Stars, Traditional Scottish Music Group Mon 14 Oct., date TBC ***