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In April 2003 the main strands of Presbyterianism in Scotland, separated in and around 1843 by the Disruption, at last reunited in the new Morningside Parish Church. The Church is a union of the original Morningside Parish Church, Braid, Morningside High (which formed Morningside Braid), and South Morningside and St Matthew’s (which formed Cluny). In 2003 the union of Morningside Braid and Cluny formed the new Morningside Parish Church.

Having inherited these fine buildings, there is a challenge to the present generation to ensure that Morningside Parish Church stands out as a clear, vibrant and committed Christian witness in our community to the things that endure, the things that are eternal, the things that are from God.

An independent charity was established in 1990, originally as ‘The Friends of Cluny Parish Church’. The objects of the Friends of Morningside Parish Church are to raise funds by subscription and other appropriate means to provide supplementary resources for:

     The maintenance and improvement of the fabric of Morningside Parish Church and the        surrounding grounds.

      The renewal and enhancement of furnishings and equipment in our building.

      The maintenance of services and praise in Morningside Parish Church.

      The development of awareness of the heritage of the congregation of Morningside Parish  Church.

They have repaired or replaced the external noticeboards.

They contribute to the cost of floodlighting which means that you can better appreciate the church’s architectural features at night.

Their repair and upgrading of the lamp standards on both Braid Road and Cluny Gardens entrances makes access safer.

The sanctuary is brighter as a result of their paying for the lightening of the woodwork; it is safer because of the handrails they have installed; it is easier of access because of the wheelchair access they have supported; it is prettier because of the St Cuthbert window they gave to mark the formation of Morningside Parish Church, the purple Lent pulpit fall and the new communion linen.

The church’s music is enhanced because of their support of the choral scholars.

The coffee after each service is good because they provided the coffee machines. On the way to coffee, you see the pictures in the corridor commissioned by them.

They published a very attractive brochure entitled ‘Morningside Parish Church: its History and Interior’.They commissioned a series of five pictures to lighten a corridor while celebrating the delightful details of our architecture.

We hope that it will not be needed but they provided a defibrillator just in case.

Their recent main project was to renew the chancel lighting: to enhance the architectural features of the area and to cut down on maintenance efforts and running costs by installing LED lighting.

Another effective contribution was to replace the Christmas candles with battery lights: a safer option than the previous ones which do not cause the fire system to alarm.


Membership of The Friends of Morningside Parish Church is open to anyone in sympathy with these objectives. At the AGM held in April, each subscribing member has the opportunity to express views. During the year, occasional social events take place. The minimum annual subscription is £10 payable to:

The Treasurer of The Friends of Morningside Parish Church,
Morningside Parish Church
2 Cluny Gardens
Edinburgh EH10 6BQ.

Pictures on the theme of 'Light'.
Pictures on the theme of ‘Light’.
Pictures on the theme of 'Saints'.
Pictures on the theme of ‘Saints’.
Pictures on the theme of 'Varied Materials'.
Pictures on the theme of ‘Varied Materials’.
Pictures on the theme of 'Hands'.
Pictures on the theme of ‘Hands’.






lectern lion

The light on the outside steps.
The light on the outside steps.