Weddings at MPC

Initial Contacts
Before any date is finalised, contact should be made with the Minister to find out both his and the Church’s availability, and also, where appropriate, with the hotel in which you wish to have your reception. The Minister will confirm the date agreed upon with the Church Office and Church Officer and, where required, the Organist. Other arrangements for the wedding and the reception, including the provision of flowers for the Church and the printing of hymn sheets, are your responsibility. Arrangements for putting flowers into the church should be made with the Church Office and any special requests for music with the Organist, both of whom you should contact well in advance of the wedding.

You are free to choose whichever hymns you like and think might be appropriate. However it is worthwhile choosing hymns that you think the congregation will know. Lovely words and unknown tunes will bring disappointment. Consult with the Minister and Organist in either case.You are responsible for producing the hymn sheets if you wish to use them.

The Minister
The Minister will require to see the couple to discuss the practical details of the marriage some months before the wedding and then to discuss the meaning of Christian Marriage and the details of the Marriage Ceremony approximately a fortnight before the date of the wedding. Be sure to make an appointment! No rehearsal is held, but any other interested parties who have questions about the ceremony are invited to contact the Minister. The Church may be viewed prior to the wedding by arrangement with the Church office.

On the day of the wedding, the bridegroom and the best man should arrive at the Church and go to the vestry no later than fifteen minutes before the scheduled time and should bring the Marriage Schedule with them. The bride should arrive on time, bearing in mind photographers often wish to take photographs at the Church door. The marriage ceremony will commence at the scheduled time.

When possible, and when invited, the Minister will be glad to attend the reception after the wedding.

Church Costs
One cheque of £550 to cover the use of the Church the Organist and the Church Officer. The cheque should be made payable to Morningside Parish Church. If possible this payment should be made using the Gift Aid envelope provided at the Office (or found in the Church vestibule) and must be handed in to the Church Office, 2 Cluny Gardens
Edinburgh EH10 6BQ a few days before the wedding.

There is no fee for the services of the Minister although personal gifts may be given directly if desired at the couple’s discretion.

Legal Requirements
The Registrar of the District in which the marriage is to take place carries out all legal preliminaries. You should enquire there approximately four weeks prior to the marriage (six weeks if there are any special difficulties) and he/she will guide you. The Registrar will issue the Marriage Schedule and this document must be produced on the day of the wedding. NO MARRIAGE SCHEDULE, NO WEDDING! The completed Schedule must be returned to the Registrar’s Office within three days of the marriage. This is something you should make arrangements for.

The Registrar’s Office is at 59-63 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh. 0131 529 2600.

No photographs or videos are permitted during the wedding ceremony in the Church, but the service can be livestreamed via the Church’s system. It has proved helpful to put this on the back of the order of service. Official photographers are invited to take photographs before the ceremony, during the signing of the Marriage Schedule in the Vestry after the ceremony, and as the bridal party leave through the Church and make their way to the main entrance.