Gentle Exercise Class

Workshops are dementia friendly but open to all 60+

Sessions take place twice a month on a Monday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm in the Cluny Hall. The fitness class itself will last for 40 to 45 minutes and followed by tea, coffee and a chance to chat.

Open to all with memory issues and their carers/partners. Activities will be tailored to the needs of the group. There is a lot of evidence that highlights how beneficial taking the classes together is for an improved bonding and closeness that can often be damaged when one member of the family receives a diagnosis.

There is no charge for the group but donations are very welcome and help towards the group’s longer term sustainability.

If you are interested in attending please come along or for more information contact Jacqui Lindsay on the number or email below,

Tel: 07834 364 628


Dates for 2023

 August              Monday 7th, Monday 14th & Monday 28th

September        Monday 4th, Monday 25th

October             Monday 9th, Monday 16th &Monday 30th

November         Monday 6th, Monday20th & Monday 27th

December         Monday 11th