Christmas Gift Service – 28th November 2021 – for the Edinburgh Clothing Store

By popular demand the Gift Service is again to be for the Edinburgh Clothing Store (Charity No.SC039409)

This year the items most needed are –

 For Girls ages 2-12 years  for Boys ages 2-12 years

Winter jackets                             Winter jackets

Hoodies                                      Hoodies

Sweatshirts                                 Sweatshirts

Long sleeved T shirts                  Long sleeved T Shirts

Skinny Jeans                              Jeans

Leggings                                     Joggers

Tights                                         Boxers

Pyjamas                                      Pyjamas

Onesies                                      Onesies

Hats, Gloves & Scarves               Gloves

 Please do NOT gift wrap your gifts.

 This year we are offering 4 options –

 Option 1 –on 28th November bring your gift to the table below the pulpit before the 10.30 am service.

Option 2– if you cannot come to church on the 28th November but can on the 21st, bring your gift to the box beside the elders’ Pigeon Holes before the 10.30am service.

Option 3 – if you cannot come to church on either Sunday please contact Fiona Gossip who is once again very kindly willing to collect items from your home. She can be contacted on 07850 338 908 from Monday – Friday between 10.00am and 6.00pm or email her at

Option 4 – if you prefer not to go shopping, cash or cheque donations are also most welcome. Please make cheques payable to The Edinburgh Clothing Store and send to 7 Greenbank Crescent EH10 5TE. If you wish to Gift Aid your donations please include a note with your address and post code, state that you are a taxpayer and sign the note.

Please remember it is not the fault of any child that they find themselves in desperate circumstances.

Your generosity in the past has been amazing and has made a huge difference. The children who have received the new clothes which they really need have been so delighted.

In anticipation thank you very much for your support                


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