Music and Memories restarting on 9th August

We will restart Music and Memories, our workshop for those with dementia and their partners/carers, on Monday 9th August. We know the event has been a real miss for those who attended before lockdown, and those who would like to attend now. To find out more please contact Jacqui Lindsay on 07834 364 628 or email:

DATES for 2021

August:                Monday 9th 3-4pm & Friday 20th, 2-3pm, singing workshop only

September:    Monday 6th & Friday 24th hoping to reintroduce teas and coffees from September, regulations permitting                           

October:                 Monday 4th & Friday 22nd

November:    Monday 1st and Friday 19th

December:             Monday 6th & Friday 17th

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