Pastoral Care and Funerals during the Coronavirus situation

The Minister and Pastoral Assistant have drawn up lists of people from the congregational roll who we will be making contact with over the duration of this period. Our contact will be by telephone or email. Elders are encouraged to telephone or email people in their districts too.

Pastoral visitors will be contacted by Jacqui and asked to keep in touch with their ‘charges’ by telephone.

Funerals in Church will not be possible, but the Minister will still be conducting funerals at the crematorium or by a graveside. Anyone who has a bereavement should contact an undertaker, and then the arrangements will be made. At the moment there are no restrictions on numbers funerals, but if these come in, it may be that a simple funeral service will be held, with the offer of a memorial service later on.

Practical Help

We have considered how to offer appropriate practical support where possible to those who have self-isolated and who have no extended family or others able to provide basic help. Consequently, if you are willing to help with collecting basic shopping, pick up and deliver prescriptions, or post letters, please contact Jacqui who will collate names, and then, if we receive requests and are able to help, will make the necessary connections. We will keep this matter under review and continue to assess its sustainability. Only consider volunteering if you are not in the ‘vulnerable’ category yourself, and are fully fit and well!

Jacqui Lindsay’s contact details:
T 07834 364628
T 0131 447 1617

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