Remembrance Sunday, 14th November, 10.45am

Join us for Worship at 10.45am, Sunday 14th November, Remembrance Sunday

The theme for the service is, Rumours of Wars.

There is no 9.30am Early Service today. The 10.45am Morning Worship is in the Church. Please note the slightly later time.

Sunday Club young people are welcome at this service, before going through to Sunday Club in the Braid Hall. The Creche is in the Braid Hall.

You must book a place for the services and coffee afterward. Please book your seat by emailing the Church Office (

Coffee will be served after the service in the St Matthew Hall. There are limited spaces so you MUST book a place by emailing the Church Office (

Social distancing continues, and you must also wear a face-covering during the service and when you go through to coffee.

The 10.45am service will continue to be live-streamed, so follow the link on the church’s website and you will be able to watch the service live on Sunday morning at 10.45am, and you will be able to watch it at a different time if you choose.

Messages sent to this site after that time will not be guaranteed an answer as the office is closed over the weekend.

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