Room Hire

Morningside Parish Church is located in the attractive area of Morningside in Edinburgh and has imaginatively combined a richly historic building with an award winning modern extension to create a unique selection of flexible, bright and airy spaces for events.

These spaces can be hired individually or in combinations from Monday to Friday making them suitable for activities of all kinds from small meetings, seminars, talks and displays to cultural events, lectures, music rehearsals and concerts. We are, sadly, unable to accommodate children’s birthday parties.

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The main entrance to the suite of halls is from an outside terrace into a fully glazed welcome area. This leads to a bright corridor with glazed roof which connects the historic church with the new spaces in the modern extension.

The spaces are light, airy and designed to provide flexibility and enhance accessibility. All the spaces are on the ground floor and all the building is accessible with ramps at two entrances.
There are six spaces available for hire, some of which connect with each other, with capacities from 12 to 375 people. They are used widely by the community and are available to charities, arts organisations, educational bodies and businesses.

At the heart of these spaces is the church which is a beautiful venue for concerts with excellent acoustics and one of the few Henry Willis organs in Scotland. It also features a historic stained glass window by Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones for William Morris. There are facilities for recording performances and live streaming.

Around it, with names that reflect the history of the church, are the South Morningside Room, St Andrew Room, Cluny Hall, St Matthew Hall and the modern Braid Hall which can be divided into four separate spaces.

Morningside is a friendly and popular neighbourhood with a variety of shops, cafés, bars and restaurants, and the venue is easy to reach from the city centre by public transport, bike, and from the City Bypass by car with several green spaces a short walk away.

Here is an introduction to our selection of spaces. The capacity provided is prior to COVID-19, check with the office for current capacity.



The Church is an atmospheric, beautiful and peaceful space for musicians and choirs to rehearse or perform. The church has one of the few Henry Willis organs in Scotland and performances take place below a historic stained glass window by Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones for Morris & Co, 1901. The pews have been replaced with chairs for flexibility and comfort.

The South Morningside Room adjoins the church as does the St Andrew Room which is suitable for a green room. Additional rooms where performers can prepare are close by and halls for providing refreshments.

Capacity Up to 375 seated

The South Morningside Room adjoins the church creating a space for entertaining a small group of guests after a ceremony or performance in the church.

Capacity Up to 15 seated
Area 21.76m2


Braid Hall

Capacity Up to 150 seated
Section Up to 20 seated
Area 129.1m2 Section 32.5m2

Braid Hall is a bright and airy multi-functional room with windows and natural daylight which can be used as one large hall or divided into four sections using sliding screens. Each room has natural stack ventilation. This space is close to the St Matthew Hall, part of the original church building, with a kitchen situated between the two halls.


St Matthew Hall

Capacity Up to 150 seated
Area 122m2

Part of the original church building, this is a traditional double height hall. It is situated alongside Braid Hall, and a kitchen sits between the two halls.


Cluny Hall

Capacity Up to 40 seated
Area 57.7m2

This modern light space is part of the extension with a windowed wall overlooking Cluny Gardens. It has natural stack ventilation with opening windows. It can also be conveniently accessed from Cluny Gardens by adjacent external glass doors.


St Andrew Room

Capacity Up to 20 seated
Area 40m2

This quiet and private room has ducted ventilation and can accommodate up to 12 people for meetings.