Financial Giving to the Church during Coronavirus situation

Please keep up to date with your financial giving via standing order or direct debit, or save your envelopes and other financial gifts and bring them to church when we re-open.

Like Churches and organisations across the country we face extremely challenging times ahead-but you can help to ensure that together we will survive this crisis financially.

 Because of all the new restrictions on travel, social gatherings, concerts, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, bars and coffee shops you may well find that your social life spending will have already gone down dramatically, so please consider making extra donations to the Church in addition to your regular giving. This will help the Church get through the coronavirus crisis, meet our financial obligations and protect our staff.

If you are able, increased donations would be very helpful. If you have a direct debit or standing order set up, please make the necessary arrangements through your bank. You will also notice that a new ‘donate’ button has been added to this website for one-off payments.

Please DO NOT send cheques or cash to the Church for the time being as we will be unable to process that while the Church premises remain closed.

There will be a significant impact on Church finances over these weeks so your continuing, or increased, generosity will be particularly important. Your generosity enables so much to happen in and around our Church. It’s important to support the Church as much as we can, our offerings support not only our congregation but other church work across the country and the world. However, we recognise that not everybody will be able to respond at what will be a challenging and uncertain financial time for many. We’re grateful for all donations received.

Thank you.

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